Friday, March 10, 2017

Class Updates 3.13-3.17

Readers Workshop - Our class read aloud is Number the Stars.  We will be reviewing comprehension strategies this week and close reading skills.    

Math - *Unit 6 tests are graded, corrected and coming home for parent signatures.  Parents should review, sign and students return them on Monday.
Unit 7 Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs.  

Spelling Update - Due to time constraints, our limited computer time needs to focus on math skills and other projects. The remainder of the year, the majority of spelling practice needs be completed at home.

Writing - Parts of Speech and Figurative Language review.

MS block rotation - Social Studies with Mr. Wagner.

Homework Nightly
Read 20-30 Minutes
Practice Spelling Words - Tests Thursdays
Practice Multiplication Flash Cards
IXL if you have internet access - 5th grade skills

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Class Updates for 3.6-3.10

Prairie Fire Children's play tryouts are Monday, March 6th after school. 

Math - We will be finishing up unit 6 working on decimals.  We plan to have our unit test on 3/12.  Unit 7 covers multiplication of mixed numbers, geometry and graphs.

Reading - Independent reading working on our 40 book genre requirement and using individual cafe reading strategies.  Our class read aloud is Number the Stars.

Writing/ELA - For the upcoming weeks we are focusing on MCA Preparations. We will be reviewing the following skills: Close Reading, Text Evidence, Theme, Main Idea and Key Details, Metaphors and Similes, Authors Purpose, Figurative Language, Setting, Plot, Point of View, Fact, Opinion, and Parts of Speech.

Middle School block - Investigations with Mrs. Schoeneck at the High School.


- Read 20-30 minutes
- Practice Spelling words for test Thursdays
- - division group D
- Do you know your multiplication facts through 12?  If not, you should be practicing your flash cards.

"If you want to live more, you must master the art of appreciating the little everyday blessings of life.  This is not altogether a golden world but there are countless gleams of gold to be discovered in it." - Henry Alfred Porter

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Friday, February 24, 2017


Here's what 5th graders are working on 2.27-3.3.17

Reading - Individual Conferences, Cafe Reading Strategies, 40 Book Genre Challenge, Write about our Reading.

Math - Use line plots to solve problems, calculate volume of a given shape, estimate decimal products, multiply decimals.

Writing - Poetry including Senryu, Tanka, Blues and Ballads.  Students are creating digital poetry portfolios in google slides.  They can pull up their google accts. at home and show you their work.  

Middle School Block Rotation is Investigations with Mrs. Schoeneck for the next 10 class days.

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